Interface for a sPECtral Matrix ANalysis (iPECMAN)

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The interface for data analysis aims at multi-dimensional measurements of planetary electromagnetic fields. It calculates characteristics of electromagnetic waves from in-situ spacecraft measurements. These characteristics are the key signatures of fundamental process in the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres. The interface is based on the PRASSADCO (PRopagation Analysis of STAFF-SA Data with COherency tests) analysis tool, developed originally in the frame of the ESA Cluster Project. PRASSADCO (link) is a tool designed to analyze multicomponent measurements of electromagnetic waves. It implements a number of methods used to estimate polarization and propagation parameters, such as

  • the degree of polarization,
  • sense of elliptic polarization and
  • axes of polarization ellipse,
  • the wave vector direction,
  • the Poynting vector,
  • the refractive index.

The above methods have been previously used and validated for analysis of data from the STAFF-SA instruments onboard the four Cluster spacecraft, the STAFF/DWP instrument onboard the Double Star TC-1 spacecraft, the LFEW instrument onboard the Double Star polar TC-2 spacecraft, the Cassini RPWS data, the IMSC and ICE instruments on the DEMETER spacecraft, the Polar PWI-HFWR data, and data from the EMFISIS Waves instrument onboard the NASA Van Allen Probes Spacecraft.

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